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Mixologist Express

We at mixologist express realize how one shoe cannot fit all and thus you can get your favorite drinks tailored from our expert cocktail mixologist especially to satisfy your taste buds. We understand how important it is to enjoy the freedom of creating a mix truly loved by you, and your guests. Speaking of mixes, we provide completely personalized bars for you that can be equipped with your own branding or you can get options from our menu to suit a broader theme. You get an open hand to select from a wide variety of cocktail mixes before you watch the team infuse the drinks right in front of your eyes. The bar counter will become a perfect talking spot for people around, certainly a great way at formal events to break the ice.

Our team at Mixologist Express consists of the most proficient bartenders out there who not only are spectacular at showmanship but are also flexible to adapt and fits in the team smoothly


Cheers! Is what you’ll only hear out loud in the room when people will go gaga over the choice of drinks at the event! Shoutout to all those people who root for trying a unique fusion of drinks to reach an ultimate destination of drinking pleasure. Our cocktail mixologists are undoubtedly the best in the UK, leaving people impressed with their knowledge of the beverage industry. Our dedicated cocktail staff has mastered skills to serve all kinds of well-crafted combinations varying from sweet and sour, to classical and contemporary, be it simple, or complex drinks that will have you and your guests energized and talking for days. Our bartenders will leave no stone unturned to ensure that you and your close ones get to experience a wholesome, and thrilling evening, leaving you wanting for more of those exotic drinks, or maybe enjoy your time with a glass of chilled beer or crisp bubbly wine.

Hire a professional mixologist

Hire a mixologist so that you’re able to spend the evening with your loved ones while we take care of the drinks for you